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Affinity Travel

Strengthen Relationships
with Donor-Based Affinity Trips

Unlock the power of Donor Affinity with expert guidance from VIP Incentives.

Our programs help you foster meaningful connections to improve donor
retention. Together, we can create personalized experiences for donors to
help ensure the success of your organization.

Why Donor Affinity Matters
Donor affinity means focusing on long-lasting relationships, rather than just
immediate financial support. We create engaging affinity programs that
transform donors into long-term advocates for your cause. By engaging with
your donors on a deeper level through a custom affinity trip, we can renew
their passion and commitment to your cause. Our proven method inspires
continued giving and attracts new donor funding.

Customized Donor Experiences
Working with your goals and preferences, VIP Incentives will create a curated
experience designed to appeal to your specific donors. We have decades of
experience planning and executing unique programs for donors like yours.

The VIP Experience
Our job is to make your job easier with our signature turnkey service. From
start to finish, we handle everything with our trusted process which includes
design, planning, promotion, vendor and donor payment management, trip
execution with on-site support and post-trip feedback.

We’re here to manage the details so you can focus on what matters most: building connections.
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